Lead: A Quick Rundown

January 24, 2021

Sometimes, the things that look the prettiest, are the most toxic. That is certainly the case with lead. Lead in paint has been used for centuries, ensuring that the paint it’s in will dry fast, resist moisture, and maintain its fresh look. But in reality, lead is harmful to the production of blood cells and the absorption of calcium needed for strong bones, muscle movements, and the work of nerves in the body. If doctors come across especially high blood levels in children, they are required to report those findings to the state, incurring a large fine of $15,000 on the family.

Fortunately there are many lead-free alternatives available today since lead’s ban in 1978. The hazard does not lie in the newer homes and buildings, rather the ones built or painted before 1978. It is almost certain that these structures utilized lead-based paint.

The problem occurs when the paint chips off of walls and window sills – that is when lead-poisoning can take place. As time goes on, paint chips away, and these tiny pieces can make their way into our bodies either through touch or inhalation. This is especially a problem when the paint is around young children.

Not sure if your paint is cause for concern? Enviroscope is here to answer your questions. Our experienced safety professionals are here to help you uncover any lurking danger in your paint by using special inspection equipment. The levels of lead can be assessed on the spot, giving you the immediate answers you need.

If your paint contains dangerous amounts of lead, we are here to take you through the process all the way from blocking off the area and removing the paint completely, to repainting your walls and making it like nothing ever happened.

So what are you waiting for? Make sure your home or workplace is safe BEFORE the paint chips become a problem. Call to book your appointment today!

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