Protect Your Employees from Asbestos!

January 24, 2021
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As the leader of a construction or industrial building company, asbestos can become one of your worst enemies. When asbestos is friable, or prone to disintegrate into the air, it can cause a plethora of diseases including cancers and a disease caused specifically by asbestos, called “Asbestosis”. So if asbestos is a present at your worksite, the following statistics are worth reading:

  • Asbestos exposure is the No. 1 cause of work-related deaths in the world.
  • Approximately 90,000 people die from asbestos-related diseases globally each year.
  • An estimated 125 million people worldwide remain at risk of occupational exposure to asbestos.

All of these facts and more are why people are coming in droves to file lawsuits against workplaces that were/are ridden with asbestos containing materials. Lawsuits can take the form of Personal Injury lawsuits, Wrongful Death lawsuits, and Trust Fund claims on behalf of the employee’s family. Workers can also opt for worker’s compensation. Either way, this becomes a major complication for your company.

Asbestos issues at one’s worksite are so common that, in order to diagnose an asbestos-related disease, doctors will almost always ask for occupational history. Mesothelioma is the cancer most strongly related to asbestos exposure. This disease only surfaces 20-50 years after the initial exposure. So even if employees are not reporting yet, health issues have a chance to surface for a while.

For all of these reasons and more, having your workplace inspected for asbestos is a very wise idea. Don’t wait until it becomes an issue that threatens the health of your employees. Nip any issues in the bud and make sure asbestos not something for you to worry about.

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