How Asbestos Can Affect the Cost Value of Your Home

January 28, 2021

So many homeowners are not aware about asbestos and its serious ramifications. This is a problem because, when selling a house, it is legally required for the knowledge of any asbestos on the property to be shared with the buyer. If someone buys a house and discovers an asbestos issue in it, there are grounds for a lawsuit. In home renovations, asbestos that has been undisturbed and a non-threat until now, will suddenly be broken up and spread out into the air during any renovations. There can be many severe health ramifications if this does happen.

As a buyer, always ask the owner about any asbestos problems there may be. If the owner is unsure or has no way to prove the absence of asbestos in the home, require that they have the house inspected for it before you close. This is your right, and going into a deal without knowledge of asbestos could end up costing you thousands.

As a homeowner, performing an asbestos inspection and abatement on your property is extremely valuable. It is a very trustworthy thing to be able to inform future buyers that your home is not a hazard and no amount of remodeling or construction will make it one.

For both ends of the deal, asbestos inspection and abatement is the responsible investment to make. When in the real estate market, don’t forget to keep asbestos in mind.

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