Can I Remove Asbestos on My Own?

January 28, 2021

With home repair, there are many small and odd jobs that can definitely be DIY-ified. Researching ways to do things yourself saves money and makes you a more responsible homeowner. When it comes to asbestos though, there is a clear consensus in the research that it must be removed by a professional.

Why is asbestos different? Because asbestos is inherently made up of toxic, disease causing fibers that, if inhaled in even microscopic amounts, can have severely adverse effects on health. When you hire a professional to do the job, not only will they be wearing protective gear, but they will also section off the area so that the harmful fibers won’t be able to spread anywhere. Additionally, the machinery used by professional removal companies is uniquely powerful and thorough in its job, dominating any “high-end” DIY equipment that is available to the public. And lastly, there is a very specific, government-regulated way to dispose of asbestos containing materials. Those “dumps” are only available to professionals. So if you remove the material on your own, you’ll have nowhere safe and legal to dispose of it.

The protective gear, containment equipment, efficient machinery, and disposal methods are vital when dealing with asbestos and can only be provided by a professional team.

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