Asbestos: The Underrated Threat

January 24, 2021

“Buckle up!”, “Wear a mask!”, “Don’t forget the sunscreen!” Why do all of these safety mantras sound so familiar but “Check your home for asbestos” doesn’t? It’s not because asbestos is any less dangerous or cause of illness than the others… Here’s really why asbestos isn’t one of the “cool” safety concerns we’ve all hear about so much:

  1. Powerful asbestos companies have tried to cast doubts on just how dangerous this this substance really is. Once the dangers of asbestos become widespread, their business models will immediately collapse, and they don’t want to take that risk.
  2. Asbestos education in the workplace has been “boring” and has failed to capture its listeners’ imaginations. It is an unknown and confusing topic, so it is difficult to grab the attention of the people it threatens.
  3. Due to its prevalence in construction and industrial work, the middle and upper classes have failed to give this poison the attention it needs. The risks of exposure outside of an asbestos-ridden home are usually limited to those working in blue collar jobs, so white collar workers are less motivated to make change.

Let’s end this tragic lack of attention NOW and spread awareness about the dangers of asbestos! #spreadawareness


Douglas, Tom. “Why the Health Threat from Asbestos Is Not a Thing of the Past.” The Conversation, 7 Oct. 2020.

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