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The Enviroscope Team

Our team of experienced technicians are dedicated to providing you with top level health & safety.

Elizabeth Ferber has been the President of Enviroscope since 2015. She joined the staff with a vision and plan to execute. And since then, she hasn’t let us down. Seeing Enviroscope in a more comprehensive way, Elizabeth’s focus is on how Enviroscope is answering its customers’ needs, and what that means for the future. Elizabeth does not settle for “good enough” and will not try to find the easy way out. When she has a vision, she executes it to the fullest. An innovator in the environmental world, Elizabeth is known by many to make the ever-changing industry into something understandable and user-friendly for customers. She believes that it is everyone’s right to breathe clean, fresh air indoors, and she works tirelessly to make that happen.

Elizabeth Ferber


Jerome King is a leading member of our abatement team. His calm and collected demeanor make him a pleasure to work with and a beloved leader of his team. When Jerome’s on the job, he is careful, purposeful, and focused on the goal. All of his clients can feel safe in knowing that Mr. King is handling it and won’t settle for anything less than an abatement well done.

Jerome King

Abatement Specialist

Latoya Jameson is one of the only people on this planet who can handle President Elizabeth Ferber’s minute-to-minute schedule. If Elizabeth is in a room, Latoya is sure to follow – with a coffee, planner, and ringing cell phone in hand. Whatever the President throws at her – no matter the timeframe – Ms. Jameson will have it completed and ready for review before you know it. She is high energy, optimistic, and always ready for a challenge. That what makes Latoya an indispensable part of the team.

Latoya Jameson

Executive Assistant

Dean Harper is our world-class Office Manager. He gets things done faster than you can say “Hey, Dean.” Managing an office full of intelligent people who are passionate about their work is not always an easy task – but it’s no match for Dean. He creates the meetings, greets the newcomers, and is always available when you need him. If any of us staff members ever need an answer, we know Dean’s got it. He sees the need before it arises and keeps the whole staff comfortable and confident.

Dean Harper

Office Manager

Raul Lopez is a leading member of our team of abatement team. He has taken extensive training courses in both mold and asbestos removal. Since he joined our staff a few years ago, Raul has proved to be capable and energetic. He is always ready for a challenge and has been known to take on our most intensive projects.

Raul Lopez

Abatement Specialist

Hannah Chen is the go-to contact for all of our customers. Have a question about a service? Maybe you want to confirm a booking? Hannah will be there for you throughout your Enviroscope experience, making sure you are at ease and in the know. Having worked as a Customer Service Specialist in a few other companies as well, Hannah seen the gamut when it comes to customer inquiries and requests for help. If she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll put you in touch with someone who will – and she won’t rest until you’re satisfied.

Hannah Chen

Customer Service Specialist

Robert is the head of the HR department at Enviroscope. He is the key link between the administration and the staff. He hires nothing but the best and is the go-to guy for all new members of staff. When it comes to training and development, Rob is informative, straightforward, and tells it how it is. When Rob speaks, everybody listens. In addition to his trainings, Rob is also known for his magical ability to please everyone. When leaving a meeting with him, you will never be let down. There’s a reason we call him “Balanced Bob”.

Robert Baily

Chief Human Resources Officer

A company is only as strong as its administrative assistant. Donna has been a staple at Enviroscope since she stepped through the door. Her knack for organization is what keeps the machine of Enviroscope well-oiled and running smoothly. She not only follows orders to a tee, but is always one step ahead, making sure no detail is forgotten. She makes all of our calling and emailing clients feel at ease. Because they know, and we know, that if Donna’s taking care of it – you’re in good hands.

Donna Perkins

Administrative Assistant

Joe Rosenblum is a guy you want to work with. As a Project Coordinator, his ability to lead a team and communicate efficiently is the name of the game. He wore many different hats in the environmental industry until he found the perfect position to suit his friendly personality and his thorough understanding of all things environmental. Joe now manages projects of all varieties and sizes. Because he is a creative thinker and get the job done fast, his favorite projects are the larger-scale, commercial ones. Having worked with many big name brands, Joe now feels comfortable with these high-intensity jobs. Project coordinating is more than customer service, it is also about creating a team out of a group of technicians. Joe is more than able to create cohesiveness and a team atmosphere among his workers that shows up in their quality of work and speedy turnaround time.

Joe Rosenblum

Project Coordinator

Camille Garcia is a definitely a Project Coordinator you want to work with. Since her first role with us as a managing technician, we saw that she had the amazing detail management fit for a Project Coordinator. Without missing a beat, Camille will get your remediation scheduled, planned, and completed, all while taking your needs and preferences into consideration. She has worked with the whole gamut when it comes to customer variety and there is nothing she can’t tackle. Her kind demeanor and upbeat attitude make her a pleasure to work with. Loved by both customers and technicians alike, Camille has your best in mind when working on your project.

Camille Garcia

Project Coordinator

Al Mclure is our Senior Estimator. Having been in the industry for many years, Al has developed an impressive set of knowledge on all things environmental. It’s for that reason that Al makes the most accurate estimates in the game. Whether it be calculating costs for a client or identifying labor and material requirements for our team, Mr. Mclure never lets down with his spot-on proposals. It takes more than a calculator and quick search to yield accurate estimates in such a varied industry. Al comes equipped with years on the job that give him the best idea of what, who, and how much will be needed for any given project.

Al Mclure

Senior Estimator

Fred Goldstein is one of our top Mold Technicians. He gets into the nitty-gritty of the job and understands mold better than anyone. His experience lends him a large understanding of not only identifying a mold growth but also knowing what has caused it and how to prevent any future growths. He is patient and meticulous, assuring that the job is done to perfection each and every time. While he loves his customers, he’ll always do whatever he can to make it so that his is a one-time job with no return visits. He also has a unique focus on prevention, helping his clients understand best practices when it comes to mold because it never just happens in a vacuum. Get Fred on your site and he’ll make sure that the problem is fixed – to the very last detail.

Fred Goldstein

Senior Mold Technician

Arnold, or Arnie, is our Managing Technician. His job is to assure that all projects move smoothly and efficiently, and most of all, to keep your safety in mind. He has many years in the environmental industry under his belt, making him the most knowledgeable and trustworthy technician around. In his vast experience, he has seen it all. No growth, damage, or substance can scare him away. His knowledge of the field paired with his impressive management skills make Arnie an incredible manager. He has a keen knowledge of the industry regulations and remains up to date on any changes or additions. Well-prepared, efficient, and trustworthy, Arnie is the perfect guy for any job.

Arnold “Arnie” Feller

Managing Technician

David Friedman is one of our Project Coordinators. He started off in our sales department but quickly got promoted to being a Coordinator. He has managed services on both residential and commercial levels. David’s amazing organizational skills are what make him a reliable and easy-to-work with Project Coordinator. David’s role makes him the “middleman” between our customers and our remediation technicians. Mr. Friedman has managed a variety of projects from small-scale, residential mold remediations, to gutting and remediating asbestos-ridden buildings. He has worked with everyone from apartment owners to name-brand company representatives, and never ceases to make the process of remediation a smooth and simple one. In David’s words, “Why make things more complicated than they have to be?” He handles the details, so you don’t have to.

David Friedman

Project Coordinator

Jack, our Director of Operations, has been with Enviroscope from the very beginning. His passion for and wide knowledge of environmental safety is what inspired him to help build Enviroscope from the ground up. He has a unique understanding of the ins and outs of the industry itself while also keeping in touch with the specific needs of his clients. Rather than seeing his clientele as one big group, he sees each new customer as an individual with their own unique needs for the project at hand. Jack’s focus on efficiency and determination for excellence are what make the company’s standards what they are today – nothing but the best.

Jack Flaum

Director of Operations

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